Mama baby bike stroller, mother and child cart, double bike for entire family

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Riding the Yabby-bike to the park with your child will be a pleasant experience.  

Depends on your preference, the child seat can face either forward or backward.

The comfort and style of the bike will bring joy and fun to you and others around you.

The two arms of the bike can be easily transformed into "stroller mode" to allow convenience 

access to subway, train, elevator, supermarket, or shopping mall. Just as the "tricycle mode",

the child can face forward or backward in the "stroller mode" too. Moreover, the child can stay

with the bike conveniently and safely when performing the mode transformation.

With 3 wheels, Yabby-bike is much more stable than normal bikes and therefore suitable

for elders to use to exercise, go shopping, or transport in short range.The shopping basket

can be mounted easily on this bike in either mode.

Like all 3 or 4 wheelers, the turning angle of Yabby-bike is limited to prevent overturn.

To make a U turn when riding, you will need an area of about 4 meter in diameter

which is somewhat inconvenient when in narrow alleys. To overcome, this bike is designed

with a fixed gear mechanism to allow you to ride backward and turn smoothly in such places.

The gear ratio is 32T/16T which allows you to ride uphill easily even with a child on board.

Although there are other bikes with similar functions, Yabby-bike's unique and innovative design

makes it much easier to operate and store away for users of any age. It is not only eco- friendly,

but also a vehicle that brings you convenience, fun, and closer companionship with your

child and your entire family.


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